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IHAD go to the ages, I could not wait to get home, but desperate for the bathroom I stopped at a small, quiet bar. I just cut to the ladies before ordering a drink. I felt like I walked into the city every pair of eyes look at me dressed in a denim skirt and knee boots small. I had seen before in an attractive and not. I went to the bathroom, I checked around and went back to the counter. the man behind the bar was 50, very decently in search of his age, and he asked me what I want. I smiled thinking about what they really want, but simply asked for a Coca -Cola ice. was a group of older boys at the bar, which had been Copping eyeful of my legs and winked at the bartender, as he told me my drink. 'Let those sexy woman in the house,' smiled shyly and looked, and I thanked him. I went and found a table, the place was pretty empty bar, the band of pensioners. I sat where I could get a decent look to them all. My Rock leftnothing to the imagination, smutindia and among them was the smallest of the top chains g, was aware that I took to keep my skirt down, so there was not much flash. one of the guys got up and asked me if I thought a game of pool. I thought what the heck, why not, so I approached the table with him and saw smutindia that created the balls. It was a good player and all the shots I had, I lean over the table, so every once in a while the boys would get an eyeful of my ass when I had my chance. In a particuarly difficult shot the man was playing pool with ( John) came and sat behind me to show me what to do. I could feel his erect cock in my back, my hands like it's going to take the signal. I was instantly hot, and I hope to see action tonight. I pushed against him, so I knew that I was interested, and his hands went to my hips and ground me firmly. I was determined still on the table, walking with a stick in hand, began as his smutindia hands. They slip dmy own legs and back to the edge of my little rock and then stopped. take your smutindia shot, he said, so I have, but it was useless, I'm totally lost. These two shots for me now. one on the table and one in you, he laughed. I do not say no, so he turned to me with my back around the table and their hands to touch me while he looked into my eyes out. They rode more and more until I felt her fingers brush the soft tip of my underwear, let me moan and closed his eyes. Do you think, I said smutindia yes I do smutindia I said I was always thinking of this man touches me wet. He smutindia pushed the tip of one side and his fingers found my wet pussy hole. was soft at first, but is harder than I have perfected my body against his fingers. He put two fingers firmly in my pussy and used her thumb to rub my clit and congested. I was in heaven, he leans his head back and my eyes were closed. I felt his teeshirt Moreover, as the chest and pushed out of my small,the whole bar could see us, and men in the bar began to approach, including the owner of a restaurant that had served me my baby before. Could John to see the joy on the face, so he knelt on the carpet and buried his face between my legs, I made ​​a loud groan when her tongue in circles the lips of my pussy wet. Then he opened his fingers and tried my hole with his tongue licking my pussy juice for all to see. Then I felt someone elses fingers on my breasts exposed, which had neading pretty hard, but it was not lit so now. I lay on the table and enjoyed it, played with two old men, that was so great, I heard the boys talking and laughing, but I was sexy in my little world. I had to be fucked and I did not care or would like to make a lot of it, I just needed my pussy full of red hot cum John moved away from my pussy, and before he had time to object to another person uses I was licking, John moved to one side of thethe table and leaned forward and grabbed his tail. I licked the tip then slid his full length in the throat and gave him the sucking of his life. On the other side of the table one of the other boys had cock and masturbates watching. I leaned my hand and led him to wank over. John 's cock was getting harder and suddenly shot a thick wad of hot cum in the back of my throat, um, tasted wonderful, I had to run down my face, there was plenty of it, bent and kissed me tasting his worth, as he did, smutindia and said come back for more, after another had a turn. The next guy was sliding his cock in my mouth, the previous owner, his penis was bigger and thicker and I tried to accommodate it. it hurt my throat, holding my head and slammed his cock in my mouth. I've always been a great lick pussy and I could feel like starting my first orgasm of the night. I had my fingers probing pussy and another set for playing with the ass, I shouted to the boys that I needed to be fucked good and hard, and the first to go? the boy, I straw in the first pole and moved gently, like the 7 inch cock slid deep into my wet hole. He started slowly smutindia and teasing my clit with his cock in nice and deep at that time, I moaned in pleasure. Then quickened his pace, and gave me a good smutindia fuck with long, low shots, I like. I felt tense, as he prepared smutindia to shoot me and my inner muscles to grab juice and milk his cock, which, as he rammed his hard cock and cum inside me and stayed there until said diminished orgasm . He moved to leave his friends have a smutindia chance. However, I was met by six men, all aged over 50 fucked. I sucked all the cock and swallowing gallons of sperm wonderfully warm and had countless orgasms. The owner has asked me to stay after all the other people, so he could eat all the spermmy pussy. I was happy to do, but that's another story. I love older men and this is just one of my many experiences, when you hear then contact, or if you know you want good quiet country pubs a little fun in the Cheshire area. The owner was licking my pussy juicy cum all that was leaking so if you contact a piece of the action you want
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